Project Application

We would be happy to support you and your project over the following weeks.

This is what you can gain from this program:
1. Free consulting and operational support.
2. Experts in the topic you need support with.
3. Duration: Usually 4 weeks (however, feel free to tell us your needs),

including a weekly skype call (1 hour).
+ additional weekly operational support (1-2 hours).
+ all-time available internal support.

To become part of the program, you have to challenge the following steps:
1. Apply via the form below.
2. Have a skype call with us so we can get to know you and your project better.

Notice and accept the following:

Skype calls
It is a MUST that you take part in the Skype calls.
All the exchange lives from this and also for you, it is the best possibility to express your needs!

Life Insights
It is important to give us a little insight in your everyday life and the way you work. We are also happy to show you life and work in Germany!
By this we want to strengthen the connection between you and your exchange partner.

Direct Feedback
The exchange lives from feedback that is direct, honest and constructive. In that way, both sides can grow personally and professionally.

No Money
We want to support you with knowledge and operative implementation. What we can’t promise you is money.
Of course it is ok to ask for monetary support, but please don’t be offended if your request will not be granted.

Remember it’s a giving and receiving!
The companies at the other side pay money to be part of this project.
So please respect the agreed appointments and let us help you as much as possible!

Application Form

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Business Information

Name of your project/company

Tell us about your project! (max. 500 words)

What do you wanna achieve with your project? (number of employees, impact, higher goal)

What specific internal problem are you facing at the moment?

For what do you need support exactly?

How should our support look like optimally?

How long would you need support?
1 week2 weeks4 weeks8 weeks

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