Office hours

Every monday from 5 – 6pm (UTC+2h) we are now online to chat and skype with you directly!*

Please add skype contact: sabrina.bagus


Welcome to the kukua Founders Lounge!

Here you find everything you need to know about being part of our program!

Our aim

Enable people

to make a living themselves

Make independent

from donations and government

Support founders

to build own projects


No matter if you live in a city or village, what kind of project you have or at which stage you are. If you feel you want to be part of this project, just get in touch with us!


Are you a founder or just startet your own project to make a living?

Need support

Are you facing some challenges and you feel that a bit support could help you?


Are you curious about having an exchange with an expert from another part of the world?

The program

Weekly skype calls with a matched expert

Intercultural learning about live- and working cultures

Connection to big european companies

Intercultural (business) experiences

Project application

We're looking forward to work with you!

*For the other days and times we appreciate you to make an appointment.