We are offering a service for applied employer branding by doing impactful Corporate Social Responsibility with a sustainable approach.
We do this by creating an exchange between your employees and founders in development countries.


Sustainable social commitment at the workplace

Motivate your employees

Improve your brand



Improving your employer brand in an individual and rightful way?


A program that empowers your employees to create change that matters.


Doing effortless but meaningful CSR that has external and internal effects?


Create real and measurable impact in a developing country and in within your team.


Offering your employees profound personal development without much time and effort?


Offer your employees a purposeful and international workplace based training program.

By involving your employees, we increase loyalty and motivation of the team
and have optimal influence on the employer branding.


Impactful CSR

with a proven and sustainable approach.

Improved employer brand

and a pole position in the fight for talents.

First hand knowledge

about potential new markets through extremely little investment.



understanding and cooperation is fostered.


work and projects supply wants of Generation Y.

Additional learning

through intercultural training and personality development.


We evaluate the initial and final employee motivation and have the right approach to increase it.

We match the skills of your employees with the needs of founders in development countries.

Your employees give advisory and operational assistance to support the founder solving a specific problem.

We implement a coached exchange to have the best-possible outcome for both sides.


  • 1


- Initial agreement.
- Duration and setting of the program.
- Overall aim.

  • 2


- Direct request of employees to join the program.
- Selection of participants.

  • 3


- Analysis of employees satisfactions and needs.
- Determining status quo.

  • 4


- Gathering data from your employee regarding skills and possibilities of development.
- Creating a profile as the basis for the matching.

  • 5


- Verification of the founder (cooperation partner).
- Definition of needs and profiling of the founder.
- Matching employee and founder on basis of both the profilings.

  • 6


- Direct communication via video chat.
- Intercultural courses and training.
- Theoretical and practical learning from different living and labour conditions.
- Personal coaching throughout the process.

  • 7


- Scoring of the development of personality, satisfaction & needs of the employee.
- Evaluation of the project process.

We provide support during the whole project period.

We are looking forward to working with you!

kukua is a Berlin based startup for modern HR challenges. kukua offers a service for Talent Management and Employee Retention to improve the external and internal Employer Branding. Moreover, it is a service to include employees in CSR activities, as the Employee Development program has a sustainably proven background. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just an important feature for job candidates but will be legally required from 2017. The main service of kukua is the creation and a consultation of an international exchange between employees and founders in developing countries. After going through a first period of intense individual coaching and intercultural training with a weekly workplace-based Skype exchange, your team will grow together in a monthly consultation increasing your team development. As a crowning event your employee retention and corporate responsibility activities could result in a joint expedition into the land and culture that your employees just got to know during their Skype exchange, meeting their exchange partners from developing countries in person. The service of the kukua company is a meaningful offer in your employer value proposition and fulfills several points in your employer branding strategy, as it is not only internal branding but also corporate branding. If you ever thought about brand development by implementing a csr strategy, kukua is the perfect company to provide an easy-to-implement corporate responsibility service. In just one program, we focus on a great amount of Human Resource challenges, as the needs of Generation Y and all employees that are motivated by the same values as meaningful work, personal development and responsibility for own projects. Next to the Gen Y challenges, kukuas program also has effect on external employer branding and internal employer branding. However, it is not just about retention, talent management and team development. kukua offers a csr service that is employee development at the same time, increases motivation and loyalty to your company. Therefore, it is more then just great for marketing but also HR and Human Recourse departments.